Saving Sam the Gummy Worm

Source: Saving Sam the Gummy Worm


Save Sam teamwork: Today we worked with a partner to save Sam the gummy worm. Sam’s boat had capsized while at sea and he had lost his life preserver as well. So with paperclips alone, we rescued Sam and put his life preserver back on so he would be safe while waiting for help. It was a great way for our crew partner teams to use creative problem solving, grit, failure and success. We also made our noodle selfies which will be sprayed with metallic paint and hung in the main hall. It has been a great week getting to know the unique qualities of our crewmates and building our foundation of doing hard things together as crew not passengers.

Second day of school filled with Lunch bots and reading/spelling inventories. We voted for our class read aloud, The Music of Dolphins and finished our unique seahorses to add to the crew door. Introduction to our MathWorks class on Friday with our regular math schedule to begin on Monday, August 28. Vocabulary starts on Monday, August 28 and weekly tests will be on Fridays. Fieldwork on September 15 to Petersen Park for canoe trip, & October 27 to the Natural History Museum of Utah for our ancient studies workshop.